Different Kinds of Web Design

There are two types of design when it comes to setting up webpages: Static and Dynamic.

Static web design, hence the name 'static' allows no change, has no user interaction like form filling, commenting, signing up or logging in as it does not use databases. It's more like a printed brochure where editing only occurs when the coding is changed manually and reprinted (or uploaded in this case).

Dynamic web design on the other hand is exactly as its name suggests: allowing full user interaction with constant change.

Which path to take for your design

When first setting up a website, it's vital to decide which design to choose to suit the needs beforehand. Birmingham web design experts suggest the points below to be taken in consideration before taking place on the web:

  • A static design requires little or no coding and it's great for displaying information with little or no need for updating but it also looks outdated and it's not suitable for blogs, e-commerce or social media sites requiring interaction.
  • As static designs are easy-to-make and cost much less, they might be considered favourable in the first phases of marking presence on the web. However, websites selling online products or needing frequent updates should go for the dynamic design. An integrated CMS (Content Management System) into a dynamic website can help even the most inexperienced site owners to update their content with ease.
Last Words

In conclusion, a simple choice has to be made before building a website and going online. A static Birmingnham web design is initially a great option if the intended site is going to display information that does not require frequent updating as well as being budget-friendly whereas a dynamic web design is the only option if any kind of user interaction is needed like selling products online or allowing users to participate by signing up, making reservations or filling in forms.

In the end, it’s “To be, or to be”, on the World Wide Web, and the only question to be considered is the type of design.